Language skills for English and Vernacular (Hindi & Malayalam) are honed through reading activities that instigate thinking, imagination and analysis. This skill is taken a step higher by involving students in various individual and group activities that develop writing as well as speaking skills.

Arithmetic and Mathematical skills are encouraged through the habit of practice coupled with a deep interest in logical reasoning and analysis. These are achieved by making the young inquisitive minds regularly engrossed in challenges involving abstract reasoning, measuring activities and cognitive abilities.

Scientific skills to experiment and find logic behind the endless phenomena of physical life, the planet and nature are developed through ample opportunities of real life experiences, laboratory activities and classroom projects. The students can learn themselves rather than being taught with required guidance and mentoring. This develops the natural urge to find connections and logical reasoning skills begin to find deep roots from a very young age.

Social Sciences can actually develop multiple skills of analysis where students interpret the past, compare it to the present and derive implications for the future. Analysing the earth on which we live and various events that has shaped the present through plays, models and innovative activities can make learning challenging and at the same time interesting.

General Knowledge is an area which is built through continuous awareness. Quiz, puzzles and various interesting games keep students interested and well acquainted with the latest news and various knowhow.

Values are an integral part of the whole school environment. Students learn essential values and principles through story sessions, role plays and screening of value-based short movies followed with reflection, discussion and conclusion, enabling inculcation of values in self-learning mode.

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